Three Short Films Lead Nominations For 8th IOWF Awards

TOO MUCH LOVE MAGAZINE - Exclusive interview with Kehan Miller

Peter Reckell and Kehan Miller discuss Blue Aeris and 'Joy' album

#Livecast Podcast with Tom Kwiat

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Kehan Miller discusses what went on behind the scenes with his new single 'How I Wish For Christmas'

BE A FORCE Podcast
with Melissa Lopez of CBS Radio
Kehan Miller talks all about his music, past, present, and future. He is spreading with his latest project 'Joy', bringing together artists from all over the world to create amazing music.


"Among the show stealers is K.W. Miller in a performance of physical talent that invites you to follow him all across the stage." - In Newsweekly 

"Hip and hilarious" - L.A. Times 

"Heading the ensemble is the hilarious K.W. Miller. When you're hot, you're hot" - Variety 

"Couldn't be better... what a fine performance!" - LA Weekly 

"Played with delightful perfection by K.W. Miller... amazingly talented and accomplished, with great comedic timing." - The Tolucan Times 

"First rate... hilarious, with spark and vigor" - Los Angeles Reader 

"Excellent presentation. Passionate acting… memorable. Displays convincing ability and palpable conviction in delivering a fervent, engaging performance" - Village View 

"Excellent... a nod to K.W. Miller" - The Boston Globe  

Compelling… a special achievement” - LA Times 

“The play is beautifully cast — there are no bit players here” - Variety

"A standout: Miller is beguiling and lively" - The Evansville Courier 

"Displays ample skills playing twisted, fucked-up… a brilliant man" - Dramalogue 

"Outrageous" - NoHoLA 

"Deserved his chance to shine." - Dayton Daily News

“The ensemble flavor of the flinty and clamorous cast is a special achievement” - LA Times

“A brilliant man… will blow your socks off.” - Rick Sparks, Director, Psycho Beach Party

"Focused and committed - a performance that is passionate when appropriate, but which does not lose any sense of the intimate." - L.A. Reader 

"K.W. is...Irresistible" - Courier Journal  

"The jazzy, impromptu quality is disarming. A winning cast..." - LA Times  (Review from original work "The Basement")

"A must-see thoughtful one-act about passion for one's art and changing times... a seemingly impromptu jazz-like structure that helps sustain the mood." - LA Weekly  (Review from original work "The Basement")

"Written with undeniable heart... the performances are very good! K.W. Miller gives a strongly touching performance ..." - The Tolucan Times  (Review from original work "The Basement")

"A top-notch actor with what he can do both on and off the screen. On it, he brings you his all every single moment and is very giving with his fellow actors. He always comes to the set totally prepared. But it's what he does off the screen that makes him a truly special actor. He slaves over his scripts, putting every ounce of energy and thought into every line, every gesture, what is said and not said. He is truly versatile and can be cast as just about anything. He's that good - a true professional... and a pleasure to work with." - Vaughn Verdi, Director, A COUPLE OF DAYS AND NIGHTS 

First-class… So talented and able to do several quite different roles. Extremely rare. We get very excited when we come across a multi-talented person who could go on to play three or four different characters…”  - Jeff Lee, Production Supervisor for “CATS”